Planning for Taxes WHen Self-Employed

Wed, April 27th at 7:00PM EST

Planning for Taxes When Self-Employed

Join us on Wednesday April 27th at 7:00 PM EST for a FREE webinar Planning for Taxes When Self-Employed. This webinar is designed to help you get a more in-depth understanding of what your taxes entail and how to better manage them.

Topics covered:
  • What taxes are, how they’re calculated, and what they go towards 
  • How taxes work when you’re self-employed 
  • The importance of forecasting your finances
  • How to stay organized financially
  • Tax write-offs often forgotten 
  • Free resources and goodies to get started


Beauty and budgets

Realtors: Making the Most Of Your Variable Income

Beauty and Budgets

Who says you can’t do both?

If you are in the beauty industry and wanting to take your business and/or finances to the next level, this webinar is for you!

Learn how to take your creative talent to the next level. Led by financial coach Steffany,  you will learn how to grow, scale, and budget a creative business that celebrates your genius.

Access the recording below! 

Realtors Webinar: Making The Most Of Your Variable Income

Are you a realtor who finds themselves mismanaging your money? In this webinar we will cover:

– How to budget your money when you don’t know how much your making each month

– How to set sales goals

– What you do when you don’t earn enough

– How to have a financial strategy that works for you

– How to plan for your financial future

How to Master Your Money Without Stress, Anxiety, or Fear

How to Master Your Money Without Stress, Anxiety, or Fear

Are you unsure if Money Bootcamp is for you or feel finances can be overwhelming? Then this FREE webinar is for you.

We are hosting a FREE webinar about How to Master Your Money Without Stress, Anxiety, or Fear to help you get an understanding of what Money Bootcamp is going to be all about.

How to Reach Your Resolutions

How to Reach Your Financial Resolutions

Are you finding yourself unable to reach your New Year’s financial goals? Then this FREE webinar is for you.

Topics discussed:

  • Money Mindset
  • Personal Growth
  • How to Reach Your Goals
  • How to Overcome Obstacles
  • Steps to Success
  • General Q&A