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unsure where to start with your finances?

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Master Your Money

In just 90 days:

  • Pay off your debt 50% faster
  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck
  • Reach your financial goals

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The Mills Mission

We believe that those who need financial literacy the most are the ones who cannot afford it. At Mills Knows Bills, we take a proactive approach to start making this change.
Every time a client signs up for our Master Your Money program, an equal number of sessions are donated to a community in need. These are highly impoverished areas that can’t break their poverty cycle simply because they don’t have access to the proper support. With these financial literacy sessions, they can start to change the narrative of their financial future, break their poverty cycle, and live a life of financial freedom. By signing up for our Master Your Money program, not only do you receive financial literacy, you provide it.

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Mills Knows Bills Money Tips Workbook

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meet mills

Hi, I’m mills, and like most people, I didn’t receive a financial education growing up. As I grew older, I began to pay the price for my lack of financial education and I quickly realized I needed to change. I knew something was missing, but I had one big problem… no idea where to start. Since then, I’ve spent years learning what I should’ve known before going to college and now, I’m here to share my expertise with you.

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